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Video Production

We can shoot On-location or in the Studio. Our talented group of visual artists can make your vision a reality. We shoot all content in stunning 8K, 4K, whatever-K, or UHD quality (In other words, it looks really good):

- Single or multiple cameras
- Studio, Cinema, ENG, or DSLR
- Cutting edge digital formats
- Live or recorded event coverage
- State-of-the-art digital editing
- Virtual Sets and Green Screen
- Vehicle and Arial mounts
- Time-lapse video recording
- Reality style or scripted content
- Video conversion and restoration
- Blu-Ray DVD authoring and duplication

Audio Production

Single or multi-track Recording. Audio for your commercial, band, music, speech or Podcast!

Web Streaming

Live Event Webcasting. Broadcast your event over the World Wide Web, High quality and LIVE!

Social Media Content Creation

Put your video on YouTube or Facebook! Get your pages looking really cool.  We can prepare content for your website or social media outlets.  We can host it and manage it. We do all maintenance and uploading for you!

Voice-Over Talent

Nothing lends credibility to your project like a professional voice-over artist. Videomax can provide male or female talent at very reasonable prices. There are many tones and or dialects to choose from. If you prefer, record it yourself on location or in our voice over booth.

Graphic Design and Animation

Our Graphic Artists can utilize your logo or design a new one from scratch. We create eye-popping, colorful, styled treatments to enhance any project.  Our Animation team can then make them fly around the screen like Superman!  Need an explainer video?  How about an interactive web/email friendly PDF doc?  Videomax is the place to get it done...

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Event Multimedia

- PA systems and live sound
- Wireless microphones
- Video projection
- PowerPoint presentations
- DVD and multimedia playback
- Video conferences
- Digital signage and graphics
- Event lighting and effects


Technology research, training, systems design and integration, troubleshooting and repair, facilities evaluation and management.

Videomax offers a wide array of services. If you don't see what you're looking for here, give us a call. Chances are, we can help or refer you to someone that can. We'd be happy to provide a free consultation.

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