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The name Videomax comes from company President; Michael Kamm. In the early part of his career, Michael worked on feature films and television shows. Wherever he went his dog "Max" would go along. Co-workers and clients liked having the friendly duo of Michael and Max around the set. They brought fun and creativity to every project they worked on. Since Michael’s specialty is Video, it wasn’t long before they dubbed the team “Video-Max”. Clients would call and ask for the “Video-Max” team by name. Well, needless to say, the name kind of stuck.

Michael eventually started his own company. The name was inspired by those early days, and Videomax Productions was born. Max has since passed, but his spirit lives on at the core of our company. Videomax has grown into a full service production operation. In 2007, we incorporated our business and have been going strong ever since.  We have clients and crew members all over the United States.  In 2017, we moved our headquarters to Frisco Texas.  They have great BBQ here!

Our Founder "Max"
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